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About Us

Dear friends and to those we have yet to meet!

May I extend a warm welcome to the Ison Aslanoff School, a collaboration of the Jacqui Ison School of Dance and Theatre Arts and the Morgan Aslanoff School of Dance.

About Ison Aslanoff Dance School

We are passionate about helping pupils to develop the practical, inter-personal and intellectual skills needed to help them achieve their dreams and ambitions. With a combined heritage of over 100 years serving the community, the Ison Aslanoff School is highly respected within the industry.

Over the years, we have seen some very memorable and talented pupils emerge. Some have gone on to professional dance or drama colleges or university having started classes at a very early age. However, many pupils move on to do other things in their life without the desire of becoming a professional performer.

However, the confidence and experiences gained will stay with them forever. Some of our former pupils are now doctors, full time mums, primary school teachers, deputy heads of academic schools, hairdressers, business owners, psychologists, fashion designers, linguists, publishers, chemists; the list is endless but at some point in their lives they have all been a part of the Ison Aslanoff School of Dance and Theatre Arts. Sometimes it’s the most unassuming and quiet individuals that go on to achieve showbiz success as we found when, as a school boy Sam Smith used to wait quietly for his friends. Just look where he is today!

As well as teaching, for many we become part of a “dance family” getting to know not just the child but their parents, grandparents and extended family. The School is a lively, friendly community of young performers. Our pupils form close-knit groups, developing personal and professional relationships that last for years. The Ison Aslanoff School of Dance and Theatre Arts is a genuinely an amazing environment where everyone works incredibly hard in the area they feel absolutely passionate about. All our highly skilled and professional staff have the privilege of working with motivated and talented pupils.

Energy, eagerness, dedication and determination to excel