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Come along to a FREE Taster Class before joining, complete the form below or call 01279 321283 to book your free class. We hold taster classes in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill, North London.


School Regulations

The ethos of the School is to be well-disciplined and professional in a relaxed and welcoming environment, encouraging pupils to fulfil their own potential.

The School expects the following standards:

  • All pupils must wear correct uniform for all classes and rehearsals
  • Hair should be in a bun for all dance classes with no extravagant hair accessories
  • Punctuality is expected for all lessons and rehearsals
  • Everyone (including parents) is expected to behave and show respect to one another; bullying, bitching and whispering about others will not be tolerated

The School is a professional dance and musical theatre school – please ensure all parents/carers are on the premises to collect their child/ren promptly.

Pupils must change in the changing room only and not in hallways, stairwell or in the reception area.

Rubbish should be placed in the bins provided. Toilets should always be left in the way that you would want to find them.

The kitchen area is not to be used by pupils.

Teachers must not be interrupted whilst teaching.  Pupils or parents should not disrupt, interrupt or walk into studios whilst other lessons are taking place. If a parent wishes to discuss a matter with a teacher during their child’s private lesson then this will use lesson time.

Only water in plastic bottles is allowed in the dance studios.   Please NO NUTS on the premises as we do have a couple of children and staff with severe nut allergies.

Pupils are not to sit in or watch other classes unless permitted to do so by the teacher.

Any queries to be raised via email to or by phoning the studio from 4.00pm. Andrea will be available to take any messages.


Fees: Invoices are normally issued at the end of the term for the following term.   If, due to any unforeseen circumstances this is not possible, then fees will be issued during the first week of the new term.  ALL FEES, should be paid promptly and before the second week of the term unless you have made separate arrangements with Tony.  In any event private lessons are payable at the start of term as a commitment has been made to the teacher who still has to be paid.  

Please note that the School reserves the right to refuse entry to classes if fees remain unpaid.

Private lessons outside of the termly timetable

From time to time private lessons may be arranged outside of the termly timetable, eg on Sunday or in the holidays, or just extra to the timetable. Payment for these private lessons should be paid by BACS before the lesson or otherwise at the start of the lesson, in an envelope clearly marked with the pupil’s name and payment details. Please do not wait to be invoiced.

Please do not expect to have a lesson that hasn’t been paid for!

Parents should not attend private lessons but will be invited to watch at the end when any queries regarding costumes, music etc., can be also be raised and choreography recorded. Any additional queries should be made to Andrea so as not to encroach on other pupils’ lesson times.

Fees, Cancellation of Classes and Notice Periods

In accordance with the School’s Terms and Conditions a term’s notice is required in the event of a pupil leaving or making changes to their classes, otherwise a term’s fees is payable in lieu of notice.  This is to provide stability in the classes as teacher and venue commitments are made well in advance of the forthcoming term.

We still have parents advising of changes during term, as the prior term ends, or even at the start of the new term, which undermines all of our planning and the time and effort that goes into producing an optimal timetable, teacher and venue commitments, the viability of classes, and festival choreography.  We thank those parents who comply with the notice periods.

However, there are a number who do not think this applies to them.  We have no wish to ever be in dispute with any of our parents and believe we are flexible and fair in resolving any issues, although it is most frustrating to be hearing about something for the first time in response to a request for a term’s fees in lieu of notice long after the event and long after we could have addressed the issue.

It would seem that many parents forget that there is a contractual arrangement between us and we will be enforcing payment for notice periods not given.  If your intention is to cease classes then written notice should be given at the beginning of the term regarding cancellation of classes for the following term.  Cancellation of classes during holiday periods especially the summer holidays does not mean that the holiday period is to be used as notice period.   If you wish to cease classes for the autumn term then notice must be given during the first week of the previous summer term.

Please do not cancel classes, whether core or private lessons, during the term expecting not to be invoiced for them the following term.

Private Lessons

All termly booked private lessons are payable in full before the commencement of Term. If this is not the case then you need to speak to Tony and your child will not be permitted to attend classes until the matter has been resolved.

It is regretted that if classes are missed, they cannot be made up. In the event of a long term injury or hospital treatment that is supported by a Doctor’s letter, we will consider the situation on an individual basis. In the past we have had so many requests to change private lessons due to school trips, external events, parties, illness and personal outings that the demands to make up lessons have become simply overwhelming. Please remember that the timetable is based on teacher and venue commitments that still have to be paid for if a pupil is absent, and then again if the lesson is to be made up at a later date, i.e. one income, two costs.

Please ensure that you know the day and time of your private lesson. Occasionally teachers have to cancel private lessons, typically due to illness or transport issues, but in these cases classes will always be made up.

Photos, Video Recording and Social Media

No video recordings taken of pupils via any electrical devices, phones including photos or names of pupils should not be uploaded onto any form of social media eg. facebook, twitter without parental consent or if directly regarding the school, via Jacqui Ison. If this is found to be the case then the individual/s responsible will be asked to remove it at their cost which may include legal proceedings.


As a school we all want to work together in a positive, happy and relaxed atmosphere.

Anyone who creates a negative or unpleasant atmosphere causing disruption between pupils, parents and teachers will be asked to leave immediately without recompense. Rudeness and bad manners will not be tolerated.

The School and its staff will not tolerate any verbal, physical or emotional abuse or unpleasant behaviour from parents/guardians or pupils whether by email, telephone, in person or via any other form of social media. The School reserves the right to terminate, with immediate effect, training without recompense.

Many thanks for your co-operation

Jacqui Ison School of Dance and Theatre Arts

Updated February 2018